Mia Trachinger is a genre director and screenwriter with a special passion for grounded science fiction. She has lived many lives: indie filmmaker, UCLA film school professor, television marketing consultant, activist.



Speculative Fiction — Exploring themes of immigration and assimilation, BUNNY follows a couple fleeing a war-torn country to find that they must don giant bunny suits to survive in their new home.


Two Independent Spirit Awards


Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award

Toronto International Film Festival • San Sebastian Film Festival • Los Angeles Film Festival

“An original work of inventive whimsy, with great poignancy”
- Variety

“A haunting work...with heartbreakingly original performances”
- Filmmaker Magazine


Grounded Sci-Fi — In a world in which the past, present, and future unfold simultaneously, REVERSION tells the tale of Eva, a woman desperately trying to avoid a destiny in which she kills Marcus, the man she loves. Part gritty road movie, part lo-fi science fiction, part love story, REVERSION traverses the sprawling landscape of Los Angeles in search of fate, free will, and the nature of morality.

Premiered Sundance Film Festival • Sao Paulo International Film Festival • Ashland Film Festival


St. Louis International Film Festival Indie Express Award

“**** (Four stars) Stunning, a day after watching it I’m still thinking about it...a week or two later, it will still be in my mind.”
- Film Threat

“Playful, melancholy and ultimately riveting.”
- Filmmaker Magazine


Grounded Sci-Fi — In a world where people are employed as live body contagions to immunize urban populations, an unvaccinated man resists being inoculated.

Episode for the second season of PBS’ Futurestates science fiction TV series, each stand-alone episode written and directed by an independent filmmaker, including episodes by Barry Jenkins, Nisha Ganatra, Ramin Bahrani.